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Meals and diet plans personally tailored to you and your goals.

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Perfect Lifestyle

Master nutrition and reach your goals with minimal effort


Convenient food plan recommendations for each meal, dynamically adjusted to suit your profile.

Convenient Foods

Prefer ready meals? Cooking? We'll recommend you both, and learn which you prefer over time.

Fully Featured

Track calories, nutrients, macros (including alcohol!), exercise and weight to get on top of your lifestyle.



Convenient, Easy Meals

We give you dynamic meal recommendations which are perfectly suited to your profile. They'll be tuned to align exactly to your goals and tastes, powered by machine learning algorithms which learn from your personal patterns.

Perfection Without Effort

Don't like cooking? Our algorithm can deliver ready-to-eat/cook meals, takeaways restaurants and more! Best of all, we'll learn which ones you like most! If you're fond of cooking, don't worry! We'll also deliver recipes tuned to you.


Cutting Edge App

Everything you need in a calorie counter and fitness app. Manually add foods from our extensive database, create your own and track several macros and nutrients - all for free! The ultimate tool for a total transformation.

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